The countdown is on

Stillwater Marathon logoOnly 12 days and counting to my first half marathon in Stillwater on Memorial Day weekend. I have been using the Hal Higdon half marathon novice training schedule and it has been an intense twelve weeks. I’ve run in rain, and in cold (which isn’t too bad), and wind. I really hate wind. My longest run to date has been just over 10.5 miles. This last weekend I barely eeked out 10 miles despite perfect weather conditions. I was mildly disappointed as it was supposed to be 11. The last mile just wasn’t in me.

This makes me a bit nervous as I only have about a week and a half of training and one long run before the real thing. The Higdon training schedule is done, but I’m still building up the long run. I plan on trying for twelve miles this upcoming weekend (whew). I think I will keep imagining the crowds that will be at the actual event to keep me moving. The crowds at my first two events were energizing and filled the whole experience with a positive “can-do” energy. Any pieces of advice from any of the more experienced runners out there?

So the countdown is on.


4 thoughts on “The countdown is on

  1. You can do it! The crowd will definitely energize you and keep you moving. I just completed my first half on 5/2/10 and it was an amazing experience. I enjoyed it because I had only the goal to finish it and if I did it within 2 hrs 30 minutes all the better. Sometimes not putting pressure on yourself with time goals is a nice change.

  2. Fantastic! That’s my time goal too, but I keep telling myself just finishing will be a major accomplishment. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  3. Way to go!!! That little voice you hear is me cheering from Colorado!
    I’m on the starter path and have a 4 mile ‘fun’ run July 4th this year. It’s my goal to run just that 4 miles.
    Thanks for the blog!

  4. Thanks Ann! I’m cheering for you on your 4 mile ‘fun’ run! You’ll do great! It’s a rewarding experience.

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