Why a running blog?

I’m a novice runner and I’ve learned a lot already and am eager to share with others venturing into the world of running and fitness. The blog will also be a great way to track my fitness improvements. But before I get going I figured you might like to know a little bit about me and my fitness journey so far.

  • I ran while in college. Not competitively, just for fun. That was roughly 20 years ago.
  • About 15 years ago I took up running again when I returned to school. Again, not competitively. Just for fitness and fun.
  • And the last time I ran at all was to lose weight before I got married. That was almost eight years ago.

What inspired me this time around? A couple of things. 1) I am quickly approaching 40 and kept watching the scale going up, up, up. 2) I had a hysterectomy in the Spring of 2009 and felt as though I had a fresh start. I started a walking and running interval program (more about that later) and gradually worked my way into running. It was a good way to get myself back in shape, unfortunately I didn’t stick with it. I’m in school and working full time, so when school started the running took a back seat. Then Winter kicked in and running and fitness got dropped altogether. Minnesota Winters are tough. Then the scale hit 170 and that was it. That’s when I took control. Running had worked in the past even when weight loss wasn’t my goal.

What happened next?

  • I bought a treadmill in November 2009 and started walking regularly. I made heavy use of the programs that pushed the inclines and speed. Gradually I built up how long I spent on the treadmill. I stuck with it.
  • I started feeling better and the weather actually cooperated. We had an unusually warm March and I was able to get outside.
  • Starting in February I got really serious and discovered how many calories a day I should have to lose weight in a healthy manner. I started journaling my food religiously.

Finally, and most important for me, I registered for three competitive runs. The races are a way to keep me motivated because once they were paid for there was no backing out. There are no refunds and it forces me to commit. The races help me test my skills and demonstrate how far I’ve come. I am signed up for a 5K, a 10K, and a half marathon. More on these later.

I hope you found this at least somewhat interesting and I look forward to sharing my adventures.


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